Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

Pearl Street Cupboard & Café will be closing
at Noon on Wednesday, Nov. 25th and will reopen
on Monday, Nov. 30th.


 10 Pearl Street, Framingham, MA 01702
888-811-3291  x4922

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It is our mission to provide hunger relief, improve the quality of life, and connect families and neighbors in need to essential services in our community.  Our goal is to reduce levels of food insecurity, while strengthening the connections between people and available resources.

With food pantry locations in Framingham, Marlborough and Clinton, the United Way of Tri-County’s Food Security Initiative and Community Connection will help to provide regular access to non-emergency sources of nutritionally adequate foods.  
The Pearl Street Cupboard and Café, located in Framingham, will also be a comprehensive service center to provide additional access to formal and informal education, and accessible, appropriate information. By connecting people to services in their local community, we will help families focus on breaking the cycle of poverty.


  • We can provide a warm, welcoming environment for friends and neighbors when they are faced with difficult times.
  • Once a month, we connect families and individuals with food from our pantry shelves to last an entire week.
  • Our Clothing Corner connects parents to clothing for kids of all ages at no cost.
  • Complete your application for Fuel Assistance as part of our community connection services.
  • Submit Food Stamps applications online at our facility to speed up your enrollment.
  • The Book Nook will connect parents to children’s books that help them explore ways of turning everyday moments into quality learning opportunities.
  • By offering monthly workshops in our facility, clients are connected with tools for budget management, nutrition, and other topics as requested.
  • Summer meals for school age children, and evening meals for individuals and families on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 


  • Donate nonperishable foods to our pantry during our donation hours whenever you can.
  • Bring your returnable bottles and cans to our Recycling Center located near the Donations / Drop-off entrance.
  • Donate gently used children’s clothing to our Clothing Corner for clients who may be unable to afford these items.
  • Bring your gently used children’s books to our Book Nook for parents and caregivers who do not have access to such valuable resources.
  • Volunteer with us for a few hours. There’s always something to do! Short-term and long-term opportunities are available. Check out some of our volunteers in action!
  • Make a contribution to our Food Security Initiative in rememberance of someone you know.