Youth Venture

Issue: Only 70% of high school students graduate on time with a regular diploma.  1.2 million students drop out annually.  3.8 million youth ages 18-24 are neither employed nor in school.

Solution: Youth Venture  - Our United Way believes that youth that are involved in the community at a young age will continue to be involved as adults. The Youth Venture program inspires and invests in teams of youth between the ages of 12-20 to start social projects that create positive, lasting changes in their communities.
Some examples of Venture Teams include:
  • Recycle non paper.
  • Goods grow a community garden to sell produce to the community for an affordable rate.
  • Host community weekends throughout the year to bring together the entire community.
  • Plan luncheons at local Senior Centers to allow seniors to interact with youth in the community.
  • Start a café to provide healthy food at an afterschool youth organization.
The youth involved in our United Way Youth Venture program have learned the importance of volunteerism, feel confident in being leaders, and have developed entrepreneurial skills.
What resources does Youth Venture provide?
-       Workshops and hands-on support to start a Venture
-       Technical allies to share expertise
-       Media exposure
-       The global Youth Venture network and online community to connect like-minded youth
-       Seed funding of up to $1,000
-       Ongoing support & resources
Spotlight on a United Way of Tri-County Venture Team:
Recess for All
When Max, Sam, Ashley, Elizabeth and Sherley noticed that many of their peers were not participating at recess they decided to take action. This group of 5th graders at Marlborough Intermediate School created Recess for All, a Venture Team that purchased recess equipment to increase participation at recess, get students more active and promote a healthier lifestyle.
Youth Venture Impact:
Of Youth Venturers:
  • 94% feel YV increased their confidence in starting or leading social change
  • 70% have a greater interest in entrepreneurship
  • 77% are more involved in leadership roles
  • 92% believe they are now capable of planning a venture & leading a team
Source: Corporate Executive Board 2007 evaluation of YV impact on Venturers in the US
Community Partners
United Way-Youth Venture has worked with many community partners, including:
  • McAuliffe Regional Charter School
  • Clinton High School
  • Marlborough Intermediate School
  • Stoughton High School
  • Boys & Girls Club of MetroWest
  • Milford Youth Center
For more information please contact:
Jessica Friswell