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UWDS Warehouse Store

Due to inclement weather we will be opening at 10AM today, Wednesday, December 11th

Things that most people take for granted can often change the lives of others. New bed sheets can help a family get back on their feet after a fire destroys their home; binders and notebooks will help children to reach their potential at school;and a new desk can help someone improve their job-seeking skills.

Through the generous contributions of corporations throughout New England and our affiliation with Good360, we obtain gently used or overstocked items for distribution to local non-profits, schools, municipalities, faith-based organizations, etc.

UWDS Warehouse Store
92 Blandin Avenue, Dock J1, Framingham, MA • PH: 508-309-3027 • Fax: 508-309-4135
Store Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am - 5pm (With referral form from any nonprofit agency)
Monday - Agency Day by appointment members only 9am - 5pm (Appointments can be made by calling 508.309.3027)

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For Membership and appointments
Call 508-309-3027

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