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UWDS Warehouse Store

Things that most people take for granted can often change the lives of others. New bed sheets can help a family get back on their feet after a fire destroys their home; binders and notebooks will help children to reach their potential at school;and a new desk can help someone improve their job-seeking skills.

Through the generous contributions of corporations throughout New England and our affiliation with Good360, we obtain gently used or overstocked items for distribution to local non-profits, schools, municipalities, faith-based organizations, etc.

Store Hours:
Monday (Agency Members Appointments Only)
Tuesday 9AM-3PM (Public & Clients)
Wednesday (Agency Members Appointments Only)
Thursday 9AM-3PM (Public & Clients)
Friday (Closed)

*Agency members on Mon & Wed need to make an appointment one week in advance*
Public purchases are only allowed with product donated outside of the GOODS360 program and approved for sale by the donator.
Note: Clients are charged a small portage fee for product (15 cents on the dollar). Items are priced based in their retail value after which 85% is deducted.

29 Bishop St. Framingham, MA
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For Membership and appointments
Call 508-309-3509

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