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Volunteer Spotlight: Sharlene O’Connor from WHEAT Community Connections

Hi, my name is Sharlene. My husband Bob and I live in Rutland and come to WHEAT to volunteer every week. We are both retired. I was a high school teacher and Bob was an engineer. We were volunteering at a thrift store, but that ended so we decided to come here.


In the past we donated items to Hidden Treasures so I knew the pantry was here and that they needed help. When we volunteer we do many things; whatever is asked of us. We fill bags with produce, pack bags of boxed food for clients, stock the racks with baked goods or help in the thrift store.


We love feeling like we are doing something to help those in need and we believe everyone should be doing something worthwhile. When you see people filling their cars with food, you know you are making a difference and that’s a great feeling. Everyone should try it! You never know when you will be the one in need.