211 Day: Thank you to our dedicated call-takers at Mass211 and Call2Talk

Everett L Handford Speaks at Mass211 Day

At Mass211 and Call2Talk, we celebrated 2-1-1 Day with a ceremony at our Framingham headquarters on Feb. 10. 


Everett L. Handford, Regional Director of New England U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and Taylor Bryan Turner, the Assistant Regional Administrator for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), praised the work of our call-takers in providing help to callers during this time of an "unprecedented mental health and substance abuse crisis."

Bryan Taylor said the Biden-Harris administration has prioritized and invested in crisis care. She said Mass211/Call2Talk is a model program, providing "someone to talk to, someone to respond, and a place to go."

Regina, one of our information and referral specialists, said being a call-taker is “sometimes a thankless job,” but she's proud to answer the 2-1-1 line.

"I do take a lot of pride in knowing that we as a team are helping to connect people, and providing a lifeline to people who may not have known where to turn," she said.

Watch the video recording of the 211 Day ceremony here on Mass211's Facebook page: https://fb.watch/iCrDebLW1v/?mibextid=cr9u03