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United Way of Tri-County Main Office and Direct Service Staff

United Way of Tri-County Main Office:

Paul Mina
President & Chief Executive Officer

Moe Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Sandra Baldi
Special Events Manager

Christine Daddario
Marketing Assistant

Jennifer Farnsworth
Campaign Processing Manager


Jessica Friswell
Community Impact and
Engagement Manager

Lindsay Jordan
Staff Accountant

Elizabeth Price
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Julianna Randell
Director of Marketing and Communications

Erin Daley
Resource Development Manager



Eileen Davis
Mental Health Line Program Director

Erin Gilbert
Volunteer Mentor

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Maggie McNeill
Call2Talk Volunteer Coordinator

Hether Spofford
Volunteer Mentor

MASS 2-1-1:

Eileen Davis
Vice President of Mass 2-1-1

Catherine Vandall
Data Base Resource Specialist

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Paul Mina
Executive Director


Marlborough Community Cupboard:

Barbara LaGrenade
Director of Marlborough Community Cupboard

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Pearl Street Cupboard & Café:

Joe Mina
Director of Pearl Street Cupboard & Café


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Vicki Cataldo
Head Chef Pearl Street
Cupboard & Café

Sandy Dennis
Administrative Assistant of
Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

UWDS Warehouse Store and Transportation Department:

Joe Mina
Director of Transportation



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Michael Pasquale
Truck Driver and
Warehouse Assistant

WHEAT Clinton Community Connections:

Jodi Breidel
North County Regional Director

Jenny Baez-Rojas
WHEAT Community Connections
Office Manager

Matt Pulnik
Donations Coordinator/General Labor

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Lissette Alvarez
WHEAT Community Café
Café Coordinator
Michelle McClennan
WHEAT Community Café
Café Manager
Lisa Welch
WHEAT Hidden Treasures
Thrift Store Manager


Volunteer Center:

Barbara LaGrenade
Director of Volunteerism

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