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We're here to listen

Call2Talk is a confidential mental health and emotional support call line that assists individuals and families through stressful times in their lives, helping the despondent and those who may be suicidal.When calling Call2Talk, those who are struggling with mental health concerns have a safe place to call and will be encouraged to discuss their current experience. Some callers even talk openly about their thoughts of suicide and are in search of options.  By sharing their personal stories of tragedy, recovery, despair and grief, callers feel relief, comfort and hope.

HELPLINE CALL 2-1-1 OR (508) 532-2255

Call us, we are here to listen.  At Call2Talk we are here every day of the year.  We receive thousands of calls annually from people in need of emotional support.  Calls are free and confidential.  Some of our callers feel overwhelmed, sad or lonely.  
Sometimes callers feel confused, ashamed or hopeless.  If you are in emotional pain or know someone who is, please call us. We are here to listen.


Just by picking up the phone, Call2Talk volunteers make a difference in the lives of our callers everyday. Our call takers are empathetic and compassionate people who simply listen to those that need a friendly ear and a caring voice.
Training is free and there is ample support through the process of becoming a call taker. Our call takers are the core of our existence.  We take pride in our volunteer community and welcome you to our team.  


TeleCheck is a telephone check-in service for elder adults living at home. A trained Call2Talk calltaker will call a senior at home 1-2 times per week and provide support and friendly conversation at a convinient time.
For Telecheck Referal: 508-573-7250


Free support at your fingertips, 24/7. Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free support and information.

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