Client Spotlight: Zareh who takes part in Hope for the Holidays

Town of Residence
Can you tell us about your family?
I am a single parent. I have a 5, almost 6, year old son.
Which direct service do you benefit from?
Hope for the Holidays
Can you tell me how long you have been using Hope for the Holidays?
I participated this year and last year.
Can you tell me why you use Hope for the Holidays?
I needed some help with Christmas presents for my son.
How did you find out about Hope for the Holidays?
My counselor at Genesis told me about it.
What kind of help do you receive through Hope for the Holidays?
I received some Christmas presents for my son.
What is the best part of Hope for the Holidays?
My son was very happy with the presents we were gifted.
How has coming to or using this service helped you?
I was able to give my son a good Christmas.
What about your life has become better or easier because of Hope for the Holidays?
I did not have to stress out about Christmas presents this or last year which allowed me to focus on paying the household bills.
What things are still challenging?
Life in general is still challenging.
How would things be different if you didn't use this program?
I would not have been able to have Christmas gifts for my son or I would have had to wait to pay a bill so I could get the gifts.