Thank you to all of our volunteers for all you do!

Volunteer Wanda Video


As a single mom, Wanda counts on our Pearl Street Cupboard & Café for help putting food on the table. She's been through harder times than many of us can imagine. Wanda was in the eye of the storm when Hurricane Maria—perhaps the most destructive Atlantic storm on record— hit her native Puerto Rico in 2017.
She lost her home but found her strength. Together with her family and church, Wanda helped others on the Caribbean island recover from total devastation. She helped cook, package, and distribute food, and found "that's been my calling." Wanda moved to the U.S. to give herself and her daughter a better life—but it hasn't been an easy one.
Wanda found our Framingham food pantry, and while we've helped her, she's continuing to help others. Wanda pulls her weight here as a dedicated volunteer, bagging food and checking in clients who need the same help she gets here. "To see them walk away with a month's worth of groceries—wow. It blows me away what the United Way has been able to give us, and now I give back, and I'm thankful," Wanda says.

Volunteer Serving Meals

In honor of National Volunteer Month, which just went by in April, we’d like to thank Wanda and everyone else that gives their time, muscle and heart to help support our neighbors in need. WHEAT, our food pantry and meal program in Clinton, held a special recognition event for our deserving volunteers out there. We're so grateful to everyone who serves, whether they just have an hour to spend with us, or they come in 5 days a week all throughout the year. We couldn't do what we do without you! To learn more about volunteering, visit