United Way Corporate Supporter: Murata Power Solutions

Team Murata at the MetroWest Corporate 5K

This past Spring we were excited to bring back our MetroWest Corporate 5K in a new Marlborough location. This race was a huge success thanks in part to our many new corporate sponsors including Murata located in Westborough, MA.

Murata prioritizes communication with local communities, striving to address local issues and engage in philanthropic activities. 
Murata aims to be a company that brings happiness and pride to local communities and its employees. 
We emphasize dialogue with various stakeholders, including residents, to actively participate in continuous social and regional activities towards creating a sustainable society and developing local communities.
We take an interest in social issues and leverage our unique characteristics to carry out humanitarian activities. 
We fulfill our roles and responsibilities based on the specific needs and characteristics of each region we operate in. 
Employee participation is valued, and we encourage and support staff to engage with society and the local community.
Murata focuses on several key areas for our initiatives. 
We provide support for next-generation development through STEAM education programs. 
We also engage in activities to support local communities, aiming to build trust and foster a sustainable society.
Environmental protection is another important focus, and we collaborate with local communities to create a thriving environment. 
Cultural support is seen as vital for societal development, and Murata contributes to regional revitalization through such support.
Additionally, we contribute to academic advancement by supporting the Murata Science Foundation which helps students’ study at universities in different countries and regions.

For more information about Murata, visit https://www.murata.com/