Volunteer Spotlight: Brandon Carissimi from the Marlborough Community Cupboard

Name: Brandon Carissimi
Town of residence: Marlborough
Which UWTC program(s) have you volunteered for?
Marlborough Community Cupboard
How Long Have You Been Volunteering at the Marlborough Community Cupboard?
14 months
Do you volunteer regularly or occasionally?
Why did you decide to volunteer?
 I enjoy helping others.
How did you decide to volunteer with us?
As a new resident of Marlborough I wanted to find a food pantry as near to my new city of residency so that I could get to know people in the area while simultaneously helping others.
What do you do when you volunteer?
Whatever is needed. Whether it be helping put boxes of food together in the food pantry, running carts to people’s vehicles, or helping out in the office with whatever special program is ongoing for the season (school supplies, Thanksgiving, Hope for the Holidays), I do it all.
How does volunteering make you feel?
Volunteering makes me feel good. I like knowing I'm helping.
Why do you think it's important for people to volunteer?
I think volunteerism is the most selfless act any person can do. While donating items and money to any charity is helpful and always appreciated, many charitable organizations would not operate effectively without the support of volunteers.
Tell us a story of a time when you knew your volunteering made a difference.:
All the time! When I see the gratitude of a person smiling through their face masks, when I hear the excitement of a child who was able to get the Christmas gifts they wanted, I know I've made a difference.
What's your best advice for someone interested in volunteering?
Sign up. Find an organization that has availability that fits your schedule. Even if only for a few hours per week. Every helping hand matters.