Bob Crook Interviews Kate Noer

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Noer today. She is a great example of strength and perseverance. As Kate explains, “I started on this journey to improve my health. I watched my mother’s mobility, and therefore quality of life, decline. I don’t want that to happen to me. So I started walking.”
Kate has been walking for exercise for the past few years and has lost a significant amount of weight by eating right and walking every day.
“I do my best to eat sensibly without depriving myself. I track what I eat and my exercise. I do my best to walk everyday but have learned to listen to my body. I had to learn that it is ok to have an off day, as long as I get right back to it.”
Kate uses 5K events not only for exercise but as a way to make a difference by supporting causes that she believes in. She walked in last year’s Jack’s Abby United Way 5K and will be joining us again this year on October 12th. Kate was also a member of the Call2Talk Team, “MassTalk” in the recent UWOTC Corporate Cup 5K. 
“I use 5K events for motivation and to challenge myself. I look for charities I feel strongly about – Call2Talk , cancer research, the Boys & Girls Club. While I am taking care of my mental and physical health, I can do something to help others.”
Be sure to say hi to Kate when you see her at the Jack’s Abby United Way 5K (hyperlink to event page on website)!