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Client Spotlight: Betty from the WHEAT Community Cupboard & Café

Name: Betty
Town of residence: Lancaster
Can you tell us about your family? 
My husband of 50 years passed away a year ago in March. Life has changed a lot. I was in rough shape for a while there, really depressed. I don’t have anyone else I could live with; it is just me.
Which direct service do you benefit from? WHEAT Community Cupboard
How long have you been coming to WHEAT? A few months.
Why do you come here?
When my husband was alive, we had a system. I ran the house and he did all the shopping and cooking. I come here because it is less stressful than going to the grocery store. When I first went into a grocery store, I had no idea where anything was. It was so overwhelming. This is so helpful; it takes a lot of the stress off. 
How did you find out about WHEAT? Someone recommended it to me.
What kind of help do you receive by coming here?
Food and kindness. They don’t yell or look down on you here. They are so accepting, which is not always the case everywhere you go.
What is the best part of coming to WHEAT?
Being accepted, no one looks down on me here. I get to see and talk to other people in line that are in the same situation as me. It’s nice to be able to talk to people. I also get a lot of useful items here that carry me through the month. 
How has coming to WHEAT helped you? Financially. It helps with the stress. 
What about your life has become better or easier since you started coming here?
When you use up a food item at home you know that you can come back and get more. I’m so thankful you are here. 
What things about life are still challenging?
The loss of my husband is still extremely hard. I live one day a time now and I count all my blessings. I don’t really have anyone.
How would things be different if you couldn’t come to WHEAT?
I would be stressed about food, coming here really broadens what types of food I eat because they give such a variety. 
Do you have any other comments you would like to add?
I just want to say you run a fine program here. Everyone is so nice and accepting.