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Client Spotlight: Meet David, a Vietnam Veteran

Name: David
Can you tell us about your family?
I am 70. I have two daughters and one son. I am single now.
Which direct service do you benefit from?
The Marlborough Community Cupboard and Hope for the Holidays.
How long have you been coming to the Marlborough Community Cupboard?
I have been coming here for two years.
Can you tell me why you come here?
I come because I am a Vietnam Veteran and I don’t have much money.
How did you find out about this service?
I found out about this through SMOC.
What kind of help do you receive by coming to the Marlborough Community Cupboard?
By coming here I get help to feed myself.
What is the best part of this service?
The best part is being able to get food and I also like the way we drive by to pick it up. It’s easy. 
How has coming to the Marlborough Community Cupboard helped you?
It has really helped me to save money because I don’t have to buy as many groceries.
What about your life has become better or easier since coming here?
I don’t have to spend so much money on food and that has really made things easier.
What things are still challenging?
Every day life is still challenging for me. I have PTSD from Vietnam.
How would things be different if you couldn’t come here?
If I couldn’t come here, I wouldn’t have much food at all.