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Client Spotlight: Jenna from Pearl St. Cupboard and Café

Name: Jenna
Can you tell us about your family? Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids who are 10 and 16). 
Which direct service do you benefit from? Pearl Street Cupboard
Can you tell me how long you have been using the Pearl Street Cupboard? 4 years
Can you tell me why you come to the Pearl Street Cupboard? We have limited money. 
How did you find out about the Pearl Street Cupboard? Through Framingham Community Connections. 
What kind of help do you receive from the Pearl Street Cupboard? I am able to provide healthy meals for my family and celebrate the holidays with gifts for my kids. 
What is the best part about the Pearl Street Cupboard? The volunteers are kind and they give you a good selection of food. 
What has become better or easier since you started coming? I have less stress now. I was stressed about not being able to support my family before. 
What things are still challenging? Finding healthy diabetic eating options. 
How would things be different if you didn’t come here? We’d starve.