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Company Spotlight: Bowditch & Dewey LLP

Company: Bowditch & Dewey LLP
Name: Julie O'Neill
Location: Framingham
What is your role in the company?
I am an attorney and a partner at Bowditch & Dewey.
Tell us about your company:
Bowditch is a full-service law firm with offices in Boston, Framingham, and Worcester.  The firm delivers outstanding client satisfaction and big-firm quality legal services in the areas of business and finance, real estate and environmental, litigation, employment and labor, and estate and tax planning. Bowditch has over 60 lawyers, with licenses to practice in 12 jurisdictions.
Why is it important for your company to give back?
Bowditch has actively supported community and charitable efforts for over 100 years and plans to continue to do so.  The firm recognizes that business organizations need to step up and provide leadership and support to valuable community organizations and charities. It has long been a policy of the firm to support community involvement, pro bono services, and charitable contributions, and the firm actively encourages its employees to be involved in those efforts.
How long have you been partnering with the United Way?
Personally, I have been involved since 2017, I believe. Bowditch has been involved for many years.
Why does your company choose to support our communities through our partnership?
Bowditch realizes that the United Way is a very well-run, excellent organization that provides crucial services to our surrounding communities.
Are employees allowed to use any work time for volunteering? If so, how does that program work?
Yes, decisions are made on a case-to-case basis.
What would you say about us to other companies looking to get involved in the community? 
UWOTC is a great organization doing great work. It is clearly a leader among organizations helping this area and provides extremely necessary services to people and families in need. There are many opportunities to help, and volunteers are welcome in many different areas of service. The people at UWOTC are dedicated and hard-working individuals and are a pleasure to work with.
What things does your company do to support our communities through the United Way? 
Bowditch sponsors UWOTC events; we also run an employee contribution campaign every year and have done so for many years.  We have had a firm attorney on the board of UWOTC for several years; I am not sure how many years, but my guess is at least 6, and probably more. We have had groups of employees serve meals at the Pearl Street Café and try to support the UWOTC in every way we can.
What are the advantages of partnering with the United Way?
One can be comfortable that all donations and volunteer services are being utilized in an efficient and purposeful manner.  Some charitable organizations use a lot of their dollars on payroll and other expenses.  UWOTC runs a very tight ship and this ensures that the highest amount of every dollar donated goes out to the community in one way or another.
“We are so grateful to Bowditch & Dewey for sponsoring our 2020 Tools for School program”