Corporate Day of Caring Request

Thank you for your interest in a group volunteer opportunity with United Way of Tri-County. Through United Way, you will be connected with opportunities that make the most of your gift of time, talent and caring. All your efforts will contribute to organizations and initiatives that share a unity of purpose, a goal-driven plan and a commitment to one or more of our strategic community resource areas. Please take a moment to complete the following worksheet and we will create a customized event to help you make a positive impact in the community.

Contact Information
Volunteer Information
Please check the focus areas that your company/employees would like to impact during your volunteer event:
Please indicate your preferred length of time.:
What is your preference for the time of day for your event?
Will your company and/or employee volunteers be providing food & beverages for the volunteer group during the event?
Would your company and/or employee volunteers be willing to donate necessary materials or supplies to help complete the project and offset costs for agencies? (i.e. paint, rollers, brushes, gardening tools, flowers, plants, etc.) :
Does your company have special needs or restrictions?:
Are your volunteers willing to do light physical labor, such as painting, landscaping, etc.?
Would your company prefer indoor or outdoor activities?