But How Do I Start Running!?

By Bob Crook
Are you interested in getting into running or walking? This week and next I’ll highlight running and walking tips as they relate to a general exercise program and are geared towards the casual runner and walker. You’ll find information below about basic training routines and the social benefits of running and walking. 
As with most things in life, moderation is a good thing. Start a program slowly, check in with your doctor and don’t overdo it. Try to find several different exercises (aerobics classes, spin classes, water exercise programs, etc.) and take time off to rest and recover between workouts. 
Those of you who are serious athletes are most likely working with a personal trainer or are part of a local track program. We are fortunate to have many great local track clubs. Here are only a few examples:
Walking and running are great group activities. A good place to find social/athletic groups is at your local YMCA, health club or on social media such as Facebook. If you’re new in town, it’s a great way to meet new people or take time to catch up with a friend. Natick Runners is another great group with an active presence on Facebook. 
The casual or novice runner can consider preparation for any road race as part of an overall exercise program. It could also include other forms of exercise cardio training (such as spin classes, treadmills, swimming, etc.) and/or weight training.
Here are two examples of good basic programs that help novice runners prepare for their first 5K: