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Athena Nomination 2019


  • You are encouraged to work closely with your nominee to complete their nomination.
  • Nominations for the ATHENA Leadership Award must be submitted using this nomination form and format.
  • You may include supporting documents (articles, testimonials, etc) with your completed nomination form.
  • For your reference, we have included the judge's grading form. You are not to complete this. This document is to see how the judges will be reviewing each nomination. 

If you intend on filling out part of this form and completing it at a later date you will need to create a username and password to save a draft.
Create username and password here

Provide specific examples of how the nominee provides extraordinary service to improve the quality of life of women and/or girls in their community. Include type and length of service in civic and service organizations and initiatives.
Provide specific examples of how the nominee has actively assisted women and/or girls in achieving their full leadership potential, and/or demonstrated support of their personal and professional advancement.
Provide specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession in helping women and/ or girls. (word limit of 250-500 words)
Include any additional information you feel is important for consideration of your nominee. Include awards, honors, publications, articles and/or testimonials that demonstrate service to their profession, community, and, most importantly, aspiring and established women leaders.