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Staff Spotlight: Shelley from WHEAT Community Cupboard & Café

Shelley McClellan
Town Of Residence 
How Long Have You Been Working At WHEAT? 
It was a year in November, so almost two years now.
What Is Your Role At WHEAT? 
I am the Chef and Volunteer Coordinator.
What Is A Typical Day Like For You At WHEAT? 
I’m here at 9am until dinner is over. When I get here in the morning, I get everything set up for the volunteers. I get out what we need for the day, assign jobs, see what I have to cook. We have a lot of meals that need to go out, so I organize what needs to be delivered. I check my book for the volunteers we have that are willing to deliver meals. I call people if we don’t have enough. When that is over, I clean up and prep for dinner and get the menu ready for the following days.  
What Is Your Favorite Part Of Working For WHEAT? 
My favorite part of this job is cooking and meeting new people. I also love sharing what I know about cooking with others. I love that I get to help people.
What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Work? 
I like to hang out with my family, swim in our pool, cook outside in our outdoor kitchen. I really like to entertain. 
Do You Do Something To Give Back To Your Community? 
We donate to the Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Societies. 
Do You Have Any Other Comments You Would Like To Add?
Jodi is awesome!! She is a saint for all that she does. When people don’t show up for a while she will call them to make sure they are ok.