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Volunteer Spotlight: Gretel from the Marlborough Community Cupboard

Name: Gretel
Town of Residence: Hudson
Which UWTC programs have you volunteered for?
Marlborough Community Cupboard
Tools for School
Hope for the Holidays
How long have you been volunteering at the Marlborough Community Cupboard?
I have been here since July of 2014.
Do you volunteer regularly or occasionally?
I volunteer regularly every week.
Why did you decide to volunteer?
I am retired and I needed to stay active.
How did you decide to volunteer at the Marlborough Community Cupboard?
I was delivering produce three times a week, so it made sense for me to get more involved. 
What do you do when you volunteer?
When I volunteer I do many things. I fill bags with groceries, wait on clients, deliver orders, make vegetable boxes, unload the truck, clean, do paperwork, make deliveries, and re-organize the space to keep it working efficiently. 
How does volunteering make you feel?
It feels good doing something worthwhile while working with great people.
Why do you think it’s important for people to volunteer?
There is too much work that needs to be done to pay for it all. We need to get out of our space to be more compassionate and understanding. 
You are retired? What did you do before?
I was an engineer.
Tell us a story of a time you knew when your volunteering made a difference. 
There are two stories that come to mind. Once there was a man I was helping, and he was weeping when we brought out his shopping cart full of food. Another time there was a little girl saying (with excitement) “Mommy, we can have salad!” when she saw me bringing out lettuce. 
What’s your advice for someone interested in volunteering?
Just do it!!