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Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan from Ready to Read

Name: Meghan
Town of residence: Milford
Which UWTC programs have you volunteered for?
I have volunteered at the Jack’s Abby United Way 5k and for Ready to Read.
How long have you been volunteering here?
This was my first time doing anything for Ready to Read, but I volunteered at a the 5k in October of 2019. 
Do you volunteer regularly or occasionally?
I like to volunteer whenever I can. I work a lot right now, saving for college, so my schedule can be tight. 
Why did you decide to volunteer?
I like to help, and I also thought making bags for Ready to Read would be a really cute way to make some kids happy. 
How did you decide to volunteer with us?
My college mentor mentioned it to me, and I decided I wanted to. 
What do you do when you volunteer?
When I volunteered at the 5k I helped sell raffle tickets and cleaned up at the end. When I volunteered for Ready to Read, I decorated book bags for kids ages 0-5 that received 12 free books for the year. 
How does volunteering make you feel?
It makes me feel good. I love art and I know volunteering at the United Way of Tri-County is for a good cause. 
Why do you think its important for people to volunteer?
I think it’s important for people to volunteer because it’s an easy and fun way to help the community. It puts a smile on someone’s face, and it can help them a lot with manners, so it’s really worth it. 
If you work, can you tell us where and what you do?
I work at a grocery store at the moment. I’m a checker, bagger, and I also manage the self-checkout. 
Tell us about a time you knew your volunteering made a difference?
When I helped sell tickets at the Jack’s Abby 5k. I felt good because I knew it was going to a good cause. 
What’s your best advice for someone interested in volunteering?
Do it! Have fun with it! It can help someone. What you’re doing is amazing! 
If you would like to know more about the United Way's Ready to Read program click here. If you are interested in voluntering with the Uniteed Way of Tri-County click here