Main Street Bank: Presenting Sponsor for the Corporate 5k

Start of the Corporate 5K Race
Main Street Bank one of the Marlborough Community Cupboard's long time supporters will be the Presenting Sponsor of this year's MetroWest Corporate 5K in Marlborough, MA


One of our favorite events of the year, the MetroWest Corporate 5K, is back on Thursday, May 16th, presented by Main Street Bank! It's a night of competition and community featuring a 5K race, team prizes, finisher medals, food, fun and beer, and we're thrilled to bring it back to Marlborough thanks to the support of local businesses. We're highlighting our three major sponsors in this set of posts. Learn all about the event and register at:


Main Street Bank: Presenting Sponsor for the Corporate 5K 

Q: Hello, Main Street Bank! Tell us about the bank and its place in Marlborough.
A: Main Street Bank has been in Marlborough since 1860 (back then, it was known as Marlborough Savings Bank). Main Street Bank is a mutual savings bank, meaning that we are owned by our depositors. With this makeup, the Bank can make decisions based on longevity and in the best interests of the customers and communities we serve. Having deep roots in the City of Marlborough means that Main Street Bank is committed to the city’s success, growth, and future. This is demonstrated in the services the Bank provides for the small businesses, individuals, and families in Marlborough, as well as the community partners, like United Way of Tri-County, that the Bank supports through donations and volunteering.
Q: Can you tell us why Main Street Bank decided to step up and support our 2024 MetroWest Corporate 5K on May 16th? 
A: Main Street Bank was honored and grateful that the United Way of Tri-County considered us to be the Presenting Sponsor of the MetroWest Corporate 5K. One of the driving forces here at Main Street Bank is that we exist to improve the financial wellbeing of others, and we believe that physical wellbeing plays a key role in that. This event is a natural fit for us to be part of – there’s the aspect of health, the financial sponsorship that helps makes this event possible, and the goal of giving back to the Marlborough Community Cupboard, touching all areas of community wellbeing. 
Q: Are you getting a team together and participating in the event? 
A: We do have a team, and our CEO, Wally Dwyer, will be participating as well! 
Q: What are your goals/expectations? Are there any friendly rivalries or teams you'll be trying to beat?
A: Our main goal is to be an active participant in something that inspires health, comradery, and community support. Many of our employees are Marlborough residents and neighbors, and it’s fun for us to get together to do something outside of our normal day-to-day roles. 
Q: What do you like about this event? Do you have any words of encouragement for individuals or any businesses or organizations that are thinking of joining in?
A: We enjoy participating in events that bring different people and organizations together for a common cause. Every time we do, even our own team gets a chance to learn something new about each other. We encourage others to use this as an opportunity for team building and getting to know your neighbors in the community!
Main Street Bank Volunteers with the United WayQ: How else is Main Street Bank involved in supporting the United Way of Tri-County and our Marlborough Community Cupboard?
A: Main Street Bank has a longstanding partnership with the United Way of Tri-County and the Marlborough Community Cupboard. For several years, we have held an annual donation drive amongst our own employees, partnering with United Way. The intent is to raise donations that go towards local programs, many of which are directly offered through the United Way. Also, for the past 3 years, we have contributed to the Marlborough Community Cupboard as part of the Bank’s holiday giving efforts. We decided that, rather than purchasing holiday gifts for our customers, that money would be better spent going back into our communities, and food security has always been an important issue for us to address.
Q: Why is our work to feed the hungry, prevent suicide and promote early literacy important in the community? (We're grateful that your support helps us do this!)
A: As a community bank, we consider it part of our responsibility to help address the foundational needs of our community, including hunger, mental health, and education. The efforts that the United Way of Tri-County, its employees, and its volunteers put into our community are not only profound but necessary for the future. Main Street Bank stands in awe of the work that United Way does and we’re proud to be part of it.
Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: Regarding accessibility, one of the ways that we have made banking accessible to people of all walks of life is by offering video banking services through what we call Video Connect. This allows bank customers and potential new customers to have live access to a banker from anywhere with internet and camera access, such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer. This service has been hugely popular, particularly for people who cannot travel to a branch location. For anyone interested in trying this feature out, visit Main Street Bank’s website,, and use Video Connect.