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'Gold star' given to social service organization

Jan Gottesman ,Managing Editor

STERLING - Sterling Selectmen Chairman Robert Cutler will be the first one to say not everyone gets a warm reception when they come before the board.

Wednesday night, Cutler gave Jodi Breidel, North County Regional Director of WHEAT Community Connections a"gold star."
Breidel was there to outline the services WHEAT, which is now a part of the United Way of Tri-County, provides to residents in several local communities, including Sterling.


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Speaker unravels charity giving during United Way event

By Danielle Ameden, Daily News Staff

MARLBOROUGH – If you donate $100 to fight breast cancer or feed the hungry, you want the money to go directly to the cause, not to a charity’s overhead, right?

It’s the way people are taught to think about giving: If the $100 is a pie, you don’t want a big slice of it going to administrative costs or advertising. You want the money to pay for medical research, or for groceries and hot meals for those in need.


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