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Client Spotlight: Ruth from Pearl St. Cupboard & Café

Town of Residence
I have lived in Framingham for 76 years, my entire life.
Can you tell us about your family?
My husband of 52 years passed away two years ago so I live alone now. I have kids and many grandchildren that live in the Worcester area.
Which direct service do you benefit from?
Pearl Street Cupboard
Can you tell me how long you have been coming to or using this service?
I have been coming here for eight years.
Can you tell me why you come to or use this service?
I come here because it helps supplement what I can't buy in the stores. I like that they have fresh foods here like produce and eggs. This really helps me a lot financially.
How did you find out about this service?
I heard about the Pearl Street Cupboard through a friend. I also read about it in the newspaper when there was a write up on services in Framingham.
What kind of help do you receive by using this service?
When I come here I am given food, but not only that. I also receive a lot of support from the friends I have made here, including the staff. I am alone a lot now. It really helps me to come here and see all the welcoming staff members and friends I have made.
What is the best part of this service?
The thing I like best about the PSC is that I can get things I wouldn't normally buy for myself because they are too expensive. I was receiving food stamps but it stopped. By coming here I can get fresh produce and that's something I can't always afford at the store.
How has coming to or using this service helped you?
When my husband was alive we would come to the Café and eat the meals at night, but I don't like to come by myself. This helped him socialize a lot, which he liked. Now I just come to the Cupboard to get groceries for the month. This really helps! My fridge is fuller than usual, my shelves are stocked, I have canned goods in case of bad weather, and I have fresh greens to boil!
What about your life has become better or easier since you started coming to or using this service?
My life has definitely been better since coming to PSC. I can get fresh fruits and veggies and I found supportive friends. I get lonely often because my children live far away.
What things are still challenging?
It is still hard for me when it comes to financial costs for living; rent, utilities, etc
How would things be different if you didn't come here or use our services?
If I didn't come here I probably wouldn't be eating so well, as far as my nutrition goes. I would be lonelier because I wouldn't have my friends to talk to that I'm so comfortable with.
Do you have any other comments you would like to add?
I just want to say that people who work and volunteer here don't make me feel uncomfortable. Sandy is awesome! Everyone was so kind to my husband when he was sick. I love all the fresh produce I get here and I love that this site is close to my house.
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